EECS 662

Programming Languages


End of Semester Details

Today is our last formal lecture, but there are a number of things going next week and during finals week that you need to be aware of.

I will hold a review session for the final during our normal class time December 1. The review session will be completely on zoom - there will be no live lecture. I’m not sure about room availability, so I’ll just do zoom. We will use the same zoom link for our review as we’ve been using for class. Please see the Blackboard site for details. I will post a set of review topics before our study session on the class website.

Our final exam is at 1:30 on December 10. The exam will be online, open book, open notes. It will be exactly like the midterm, but have 1 additional question. You will have 24 hours to start the final and 150 minutes to complete once you start.

After we’re done with our review on the 1st I will demonstrate some of the tools and techniques we use in our lab. Seems like the simplest thing to do rather than schedule a second zoom session. Of course nothing from this discussion will be on the final.

Our last project will be due at midnight on December 4. You don’t need to wait until December 4 to submit!