EECS 755

Software Requirements Modeling and Analysis


Class Going Forward

As I’m sure you are aware KU has announced there will be no classes next week and classes after next week will be online.

In the near term, Pset3 is due on Tuesday and we were talking about an exam shortly after that. I would like you to go ahead and submit your assignment on Tuesday if possible. Should you have any issues with that, please contact me and we will work something out. Pset4 will not be your next assignment, although it certainly would not hurt to work through it. If you decide to work on it, be warned it is significantly harder than Pset3. Significantly harder in the sense that I have talked with no one who has completed it.

I will post your next assignment, Pset15, sometime this weekend or next week. It is a continuation of compiler verification we’ve been doing in class. I will ask you to extend the source language and the target language for the compiler to add conditionals and state. We will discuss the assignment in class before I assign a formal due date. It’s a really cool project that I’m excited for you to work on.

I have not figured out the exam yet. When I get lecture delivery figured out I will explore options for that. The simplest thing would be a take home exam, but I would like to consider other options.

Class going forward will be done online using Zoom. KU provides free access to Zoom and I have used it extensively. It is very nice and easy to use. However, I have never done a Zoom conference with 25 people before, so there may be some hiccups getting started. I’m doing everything I can to make sure that won’t happen, but bear with me during the first lecture or two as I work out the kinks. I will post the Zoom meeting link when I have it for you.

Office hours will be done using Zoom. I can also do advising with Zoom for any of my advisees who need to enroll this coming week.

It would be great if you could make sure you have Zoom installed and ready to go before the first day of resumed classes. KUIT can help with this as can ITTC.

Hang with me as we get restarted. I will do everything I can to make sure you have the chance to learn everything you would have given no pandemic.