EECS 755

Software Requirements Modeling and Analysis


March 26 Class

Information for our March 26 class. We will use the same meeting ID as Tuesday, 513-078-938, and will begin at 2:30. I will turn on chat and the hand-raising indicator. Not sure what I’ll do with chat yet as it might be distracting for me to watch as I present, but I think it’s great that you are using it.

We will be working through a slide set outline that I will post before class; section 4.3 of the FRAP book; and interpreters.v starting with the definition of the cmd abstract syntax. I don’t expect you to read all this before class, but wanted to give you a heads up so you can have the files downloaded and ready to go.

I intend to hold office hours right after class to answer questions. We’ll see how that works, but it should go fine.