EECS 755

Software Requirements Modeling and Analysis


March 31 Class

Information for our March 31 clss. We will use the same ID as last week, 513-078-938 and will begin at 2:30. I will turn on chat and the hand-raising thing which seemed to work well last week.

We will be working through three things: (i) pset15; (ii) section 4.3 from the FRAP book; and (iii) Chapter 5 on Transition Systems from the FRAP book. I will update the slide deck in the class repo with new material. Please have the FRAP book, Interpreters.v and TransitionSystems.v handy as we will use those as well.

pset15 is your next homework assignment and we’ll talk about that in class Tuesday. It is an extension of what we’ve done with interpreters over the last several lectures. As always I will leave time in class for anwswering project questions before the due date. We will decide on a due date tomorrow.