EECS 755

Software Requirements Modeling and Analysis


Final Exam

The format of the final exam will be the same as the midterm with one additional short answer question. The final is comprehensive.

The exam will start at 1:30 on May 13. I will be available to describe the exam and answer questions at that time. You will have 2.5 hours from the time you start to complete the exam. I will make the exam available for 24 hours if you choose to start later. If you do choose to start later I may not be available to answer questions.

Look through the topics carefully. There are new topics and updated topics from the midterm. Keep in mind that I do not care about the specifics of Coq commands nor do I care about precise syntax.

I will not ask you to do proofs. However, I may ask you to look at a proof and describe what is happening or describe a theorem that should be proved.