Dr. Perry Alexander

The University of Kansas

Perry Alexander


Active Projects

Trusted SoC Boot

Trusted SoC Boot - The objective of the KU Trusted SoC Project is developing verified techniques for performing measured boot and remote attestation on a Xilinx SoC platform.

Sponsors: Honeywell National Security Campus

Toolkit for Evolving Ecosystem Envelopes (TEEE)

Toolkit for Evolving Ecosystem Envelopes (TEEE) - The objective of the KU TEEE subcontract is developing techniques for automatically synthesizing protocols for measuring system properties. Adventium Labs is the prime contractor on this effort.

Sponsors: DARPA through Adventium Labs

Programming Langauges in Haskell

Programming Langauges in Haskell - The objective of PLIH is development of an online textbook in support of teaching programming languages in Haskell. The repo is currently private and will be opened up in January 2017. If you are interesting in playing before that, drop me a line. The text will be free for anyone who wants to use it.

Sponsors: None


ArmoredSoftware - The objective of ArmoredSoftware is development of trustworthy cloud applications that perform appraisal, attestation and measurement. This is joint work with Southern Cross Engineering.

Sponsors: DoD, Kansas Board of Regents

Inactive Projects

Virtual Vector Laboratory

Virtual Vector Laboratory - The objective of the Virtual Vector Laboratory is to develop techniques for automatically recognizing insect carriers of human diseases. This is joint work with The KU Biodiversity Institute and Spencer Museum of Art.

Sponsors: KU Research Investment Council


ACHILLES - The objective of ACHILLES is defining malice in networked, embedded devices such as printers and MFDs. This is joint work with Adventium Labs.

Sponsors: DARPA

Verified TPM

Verified TPM - The objective of the Verified TPM project is to formally specify and verify critical properties of the TPM 1.2.

Sponsors: Battelle, DoD

Static Analysis of Niche Species Models

Static Analysis of Niche Species Models - The objective of the Niche Modeling static analysis project is to use model checking techniques to statically analyze species distribution models.

Sponsors: KU Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity (IMSD)

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