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Remaining Schedule

I finally have a plan for the remainder of the semester, including the final, that hopefully will make everyone happy.

  1. There will be no class on December 5 and 7 due to my travel. Our last lecture will be November 30.
  2. The final will officially occur at the time and date specified by KU’s final schedule, December 15 1:30-4:00 PM in our classroom.
  3. For those who wish to, the final will also be offered on December 5 during our normal class time contingent upon my finding an exam proctor. Please note this is an optional date, not the official date.
  4. Our final project will be due the day before Stop Day, December 6, at midnight.
  5. For those who wish to, the final project due date can be extended to Wednesday, December 13 at midnight. You will receive a 1 point penalty for being late.

You can take your final early and turn in your final project late if you wish. I am confident I will find a proctor for December 5, hopefully Michael. Stay tuned…

If you do take the final exam early, I will ask you to sign a nondisclosure agreement with the exam. The nondisclosure agreement will require you to not disclose anything about the final to anyone taking it on the regularly scheduled day. The penalty will be a 0 on the final exam. I’m quite serious about this. While there will be two different final exams given, I do not want any unintended advantage given to those who take the exam on December 15.

I think this accomplishes everything we want.

Project 2 Due Date

As decided in class yesterday, I’ve set the due date for Project 2 to October 12.

Midterm is October 24. That’s later that I would like, but hopefully okay for everyone. We’ll review the lecture before.

Project 2 Posted

I have posted Project 2 if you want to start working on it. No due date set. We will talk about the due date and a date for our midterm in class on October 3.

Notes Updated

Online lecture notes should now be up-to-date with the September 19 lecture.

Class Cancelled September 12

Sorry for the late notice, but I need to cancel class today, September 12. I’m having stomach issues and just can’t lecture.

Class Notes

I’ve published lecture notes from class at Lecture Notes. The formatting for code and inference rules is a little wonky at the moment, but everything is readable. I will be publishing updates after each lecture.

TA Office Hours

Just updated the office ours for our TA. They are now 1:00 M, 2:00 W in 3025 Eaton Hall.

Project 0 Posted

I just pushed the Project 0 description to our class website. You should be able to work all the exercises based on material presented in class. Make sure that you look at the utilities file before you start working on the project. There is some useful stuff in there that will make your life simpler. I will set a due date tomorrow in class.


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