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Project 2 Examples

Here are a few examples for testing Project 2. There is nothing magical or tricky about them. Feel free to modify as you see fit by adding parentheses and end. As a reminder you do not need to write a parser. Feel free to translate these examples directly into abstract syntax.

X := 1 ;
IF X = 3 THEN X:=1 ; Y:=4 ELSE X:=0 ENDIF
Y := X ;
Z := Y ;
WHILE Y <= 10 DO
  WHILE Z <= 10 DO
    X := X+Z ;
    Z := Z+1 ;
  Y := Y+1 ;
IF X <= 10 THEN WHILE Y <= 10 DO Y:=Y+1; X:=X+Y
           ELSE X := 10
IF X <= 3 THEN IF Y <= 4 THEN Z:=X+Y
                         ELSE SKIP
          ELSE IF Y <= 4 THEN Z:=X*Y
                         ELSE Z:=1

Project 2 Due Date

Project 2 is due March 21 not March 19 as originally posted. Sorry for the panic that may have cause.

One more update. Project is now due March 26.

Project 2 Posted

Project 2 is now available on the projects page. Nothing is intentionally different from what we discussed in class. Bring your questiosn to class after spring break.

No class this week

As announced last week in class I will be traveling to attend a DARPA PI meeting this week. Thus, we will not be holding class February 26 and 28.

Your project is officially due on March 5 at 11:59pm. We’ll talk in class about various solutions before you submit.


Quick correction. In class I used the form define-sort to define an enumerated data type. The correct form is define-datatypes. The type definitions for Lab and Var should be:

(declare-datatypes () ((L l1 l2 l3 l4 l5 l6 l?)))
(declare-datatypes () ((V X Y Z)))

First Excercise

I realized after class last week that not everyone has access to the code snippets and transformations for the assignment I gave in class. This is not fair for people who joined the class late or don’t have complete notes. Thus, I have created a formal project and pushed the due date to Feburary 7. See the projects section on the website for the project description.


Welcome to the EECS 742 blog for Spring 2019. I will post interesting things here about class, projects, exams and other related stuff. Please check the blog often, particularly around project time when I tend to post hints and answers to student questions.