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I’ve been trying to get my son interested in coding. All the tools are there. He loves logical games, math, Minecraft, and other things that involve thinking akin to programming. Yet, none of the “kid” oriented programming things appealed to him. We tried writing Minecraft mods, but that was too heavy. We tried a Raspberry Pi, but that was too limited. Scratch is really cool, but wasn’t structured enough.

Enter code.org. Recommended by my friend Andy Gill, code.org is a wonderful combination of a graphical programming language and interesting puzzles involving Angry Birds and Plants and Zombies to solve with simple programs. It’s addictive even for me! Tate is eating it up and excited to move on to bigger programs. Hats off to the code.org folks for putting together a great resource.

I’ll report back here after a few weeks and let you know how Tate is doing.