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Best of 2023

While it’s been a great year for new music, it’s been a bad year for writing about new music. Still, I thought my Best Of list from last year worked so well I would do it again. Worked well in that I got no hate mail, which is pretty good for today’s world.

Pop/Rock Whatever

Jazz Whatever

Country & Folk

And there you go. Once again, no discipline, no thought, just what I remember and ratings throughout the year.

So what was my favorite? Hadsel from Beirut, Rollin’ from Erik Truffaz, portrait of a dog from Jonah Yano, Uncle John’s Band from John Scofield, Aging from Kevin Drew, Stings from Kamaal Williams, and Angel Numbers from Hamish Hawk would all get votes, but my favorite albums tend to change from day to day. Except Steely Dan. Steely Dan is always on the list.