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I wrote about my very cool new BDP-2 that now serves up all my music. Now I’m looking at getting all my Macs out of my principle playback paths. The sound room is now good to go, but I would like to use the BDP-2 elsewhere in the house. I see two options. One is to use ethernet to deliver bits from my BDP-2 to wherever I need them. There is some appeal to this solutoin as I already have wireless everywhere in the house. Another is to use a dedicated wireless DAC or possibly a Sonos system. The wireless DAC is a nice alternative with a wireless signal dedicated to moving sound from my BDP-2 to where ever I might need it. The Sonos is interesting because I have the network in place.

I’m going to check out a solution by Audioengine that is billed as a wireless DAC. The digital stuff moves from a transmitter to the DAC that is connected to your sound reproduction system. This has great potential. Stay tuned for more information on this.