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Martin Logan Sadness

For those of you who don’t know, I’m looking to replace my venerable Snell C/Vs. They’ve been with me 20 years and sound really good, but speakers have improved and it’s time for an upgrade.

Living in Lawrence I’ve always lusted after speakers from my home town company, Martin Logan. I love electrostatic speakers. I’ve always regretted not bying a pair of CLXs that I saw used years ago. Man the sounded great.

So, I visited with ML page to look for dealers. The closest were Keifs in town and a couple of Best Buys. I will not set foot in a Best Buy for anything, much less speakers. It doesn’t really matter though because the local stores don’t carry the models that I’m interested in.

The closest store I found that does carry the higher-end models is in Springfield, MO. That’s a heck of a drive to listen to speakers. Even more if I need service. I’m not driving to Springfield.

Pam suggested emailing them, so I did. Got a nice reply from someone trying to be helpful. She pointed out the places I already knew about and pretty much said to drive to Springfield. My problem got referred to a regional sales guy who was equally nice and polite and told me the same thing.

I am sad. I’m not even going to listen to Martin Logans before buying new speakers. I can’t believe this is the best they can do, but I guess it is. No Martin’s for me.