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It begins

The big upgrade begins with a call from the shipping company the day before delivery. They’ve been told they have a residential delivery and are concerned that I’m going to be able to get my new gear off their truck. They said 1400lbs of gear with the lightest box coming in at 70lbs. I said not to worry. I’m telling you right now, I was damn worried.

I get the call telling me the truck is on the way. My students, my friend Dan, and I show up to a semi pulling up to my driveway with some very heavy boxes and crates. Thankfully everything is exceptionally well packed and the semi has a lift gate. If you don’t know what a lift gate is or why it’s important, Google it.

There are 6 crates of speakers. 3 each for the LCR lows, one for the sub, one for the 3 LCR mid/highs, and one for the 4 surrounds. Then there are 5 boxes of stuff. 2 7 channel ATI amplifiers, 1 Symmetra DSP, 1 cables, and 1 interconnects. Thankfully, there are wheels on the crates, the boxes are on a pallet, and everything is packed immaculately. I mean dead on perfect packing.

20 minutes or so later, I have a garage full of boxes. See the picture below. I don’t have a clue what’s in any of them yet, but the adventure starts for real. I did pop the tops off of several crates, but didn’t learn a great deal other than stereo stuff is heavy. Really, really heavy. I’m a bit panicked about getting it all in my basement at this point, but I’ve got the weekend to worry about it.