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The three-day weekend gave me the opportunity to start hauling the new gear into my sound room. I’ve got to get all the boxes across the yard and into the downstairs door. Two days with a dolly got everything but the sub into the room. I hauled it crate-by-crate into the staging area outside my sound room, unpacked the crates, and moved the high/mid components and the lows into the room.

The picture below shows the room with the speakers in place. Each of the LCR speakers is really two enclosures - the top enclosure holds the highs and mids while the bottom enclosure holds the lows. The high/mid enclosure stacks on the low enclosure. This presents an interesting challenge in getting the speakers at the right height. With the low enclosure on the floor, ear height is about level with the tweeter. Too low, but we’ll take care of that later.

I decided that I would go with a stereo configuration before going to a full 5.1. My intent was to only wire up the left and right channel, skipping the center and sub as well as the surrounds. Big mistake there that I’ll get back to in a later post. At this point, the speakers are set up and in the room, but not much more. Slowly and surely things are coming together.