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Best of 2022

My favorite thing about the coming of any new year is all the “best of” lists that my favorite commentators post. Best music, best film, best football game, best mutual fund, best everything. All the lists are crap, but it’s a blast to see where my favorites sit in comparison to the experts.

This year for the first time ever I’m going to do my best of list. Thought about best Ltac tactic, but caught myself before that mistake. Then there was best dog video, but I don’t video my dog. So, music it will have to be. Without further delay, here are my lists:

Pop/Rock Whatever

And there you go. No discipline. No methodology. No order. Just a bunch of albums that made my year. My classifications are only there to help you find the albums. I make no claim to being the arbiter of “What is X” where “X” is your favorite genre.

So what was my favorite? I’m not sure. I can say Fresh Pepper got lots of play as did Ants From Up There and Clouds of Joy and Ghost Song and Texas Moon and… You get the picture. There’s just a ton of great music out there.