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Featuring - Caity Gyorgy

Unstuck in time. That’s how I feel when I listen to artists like Caity Gyorgy. Sitting at my desk working on a lecture or a paper and all the sudden I’m transported to a ballroom in 1955 filled with sparkly dresses, tuxedos and a big band featuring a sophisticated jazz singer alternating between scat-filled romps, sultry ballads, and hot solos from the band. Makes me jealous of my grandparents to told stories of dancing to the great big bands in the 12th & Vine district in Kansas City.

Featuring is a collection of big band jazz vocals that induces such an event. Dare we say Ella? Certainly in the same spirit, but that’s the highest bar. Mostly written by Gyorgy, the album features a collection of tunes that one would expect to hear from the Chick Webb or the Basie band with 2022 sensibilities. The style is 1950’s and the execution very much 2020’s. Ms Gyorgy has an amazing instrument and she writes and chooses fantastic material.

You know exactly what you’re getting from the opening track, “I Feel Foolish”, an up-tempo swing number that will have you bouncing. It has everything - great vocals, sax and piano solos that are just right, and some nice harmonies in the middle. Second track dials it back to a nice ballad, equally well executed with great horn arrangements backing Gyorgy. I quickly started searching for a composer and was pleased to see both tunes Gyorgy originals. It’s rare to find someone with these kind of chops both performing and composing.

If you enjoy scat and ballads and pine for just one more discovering from Ella or Sarah, this is your album. I love it and it’s going to get quite a bit of time on the DAC. I hope there’s vinyl out there!