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The Water

You find out who your friends are with things explode.

I brought in Natural Breeze to redo my sound room and they came up with a design I quite liked. It would be a few months before they could get the work done, but I had a great system set up and the room wasn’t horrible. I was happy to wait.

Then came the water…

One night during a storm I was sitting in my room listening to music. I believe Pat Metheny’s Bright Size Life. It was midnight and I was dozing off and feeling pretty good about things. I remember waking up startled and a bit foggy. All around me, literally, was water soaking through the carpet. I have an amp sitting on the ground two speaker towers set up and the subwoofer. I had to get them out of there, so in about 30 minutes I moved 1400 lbs of speakers, amps and sources into our workout room. Filled the thing to the walls, but things would stay dry.

Then Pam and I set out to get the water out and pull the carpet. Thankfully the renovation had not started. We were going to demo the cabinets and pull the carpet anyway, so we just got a head start on the process. Vaccuuming water, setting up fans, we were up all night trying to get the water out of the basement.

Eventually things got back to normal. Natural Breeze came in a took a look at things just to see if they could help out. The first of many assists they gave us through this entire process. Lots of damage to the room, but we were planning a remodel anyway. Little did we know…